chart.js reagent component and deploying libraries to clojars


Recently I was integrating some charts with chart.js in my clojurescript/reagent application and I came across this neat little snippet in stackoverflow which I thought was worth wrapping into a new library.

I did not dig much deeper in search of an existing library that does this as I have been looking for an opportunity to implement and deploy a library to Clojars just to become familiar with the process.

So anyway, here is the fancy snippet:

(ns chart-cljs.core
  (:require [reagent.core :as reagent]

(defn- show-chart-fn [canvas-id chart-data]
  (fn []
    (let [ctx        (.. js/document
                         (getElementById canvas-id)
                         (getContext "2d"))]
      (js/Chart. ctx (clj->js chart-data)))))

(defn ^:export chart-component [chart-data]
  (let [canvas-id  (str (gensym))
        show-chart (show-chart-fn canvas-id chart-data)]
     {:component-did-mount #(show-chart)
      :display-name        (str "chart-cljs-component-" canvas-id)
      :reagent-render      (fn []
                             [:canvas {:id canvas-id}])})))

Project Setup

I created the project using shadow-cljs running shadow-cljs init and added the most recent version of reagent as a dependency. Here is the shadow-cljs.edn file:

;; shadow-cljs configuration

 [[reagent "1.0.0-rc1"]]

 {:app {:target :browser
        :output-dir "public/js"
        :modules {:main {:entries [chart-cljs.core]}}}}}

Generating JAR and POM

Reading through shadow-cljs docs, it is mentioned that the recommended/easiest way of deploying a cljs lib to clojars is with Leiningen. In order to use lein with our project we need to create a project.clj file in the root folder.

Here is mine:

(defproject baskeboler/chart-cljs "1.0.2"
  :description "reagent component for chart.js"
  :url ""

  ;; this is optional, add what you want or remove it
  :license {:name "Eclipse Public License"
            :url ""}

  ;; always use "provided" for Clojure(Script)
  [[org.clojure/clojurescript "1.10.520" :scope "provided"]
   [reagent "1.0.0-rc1"]]

  :source-paths ["src/main"]
  {"clojars" {:url ""
              :sign-releases false
              :username "baskeboler"  ; <- this is being ignored
              :password :env/CLOJARS_TOKEN}} ; <- ignored also
  :deploy-repositories [["releases" :clojars] ["snapshots" :clojars]]          )

I signed up for a user in clojars After signing up you need to create a deploy token in the screen below. This token is what you need to use as password when running lein deploy clojars along with your clojars user name.



  • The code is hosted in github
  • My toy karaoke application using the new dependency is here
  • Clojars




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